The Good Shepherd Animal Shelter


Say hello to the Good Shepherd shelter staff!

We work hard taking care of usually over 100 animals at any given time. Sometimes those numbers are more, and sometimes they are less. The Good Shepherd works with all Carroll County, Arkansas, residents without the benefit of ANY state or local financial assistance to take in abandon, lost and sometimes injured dogs and cats. All new animals to the Shelter are first isolated to determine if they have any disease or problems that could spread to our residents, and after careful evaluation they're released into our shelter population. In recent years, tick borne and fungus illness are on the rise. These are especially difficult to evaluate quickly because symptoms are not always quickly noticeable.  Our quarantine times have increased from earlier years and this has unfortunately increased our waiting list. The GOOD NEWS is that our waiting list tends to move quickly! Your help in homing a lost or abandon animal until we can take them into our population of animals is so greatly appreciated!

Spay or Neuter is 
mandatory and we also provide wellness treatments to ALL of our dogs and cats to do our best to ensure the pet you adopt is of the best health we can provide. And ultimately the loving people of Carroll County or elsewhere take in our refugees and give them forever homes with loving humans. We are not an animal rescue, but we are a very hard working shelter. And we sincerely need your help. 

Thank you,

The Good Shepherd team

Mon - 12pm-5pm
Thur thru Sun - 12pm-5pm 
Shelter phone 479-253-9188

We are currently having a new kennel drive. Take a look around!