Adoption & Surrender Policies
  • The Good Shepherd Humane Society accepts strays, abandoned and unwanted dogs, puppies, cats and kittens originating in Carroll County, Arkansas only.
  • Animals admitted stand an average 85-90% chance of finding new homes through the re-homing and training efforts of our staff and volunteers.
  • All shelter animals receive a wellness check, routine preventive medical care and curative care as needed, by a licensed veterinarian.
  • All shelter animals are routinely treated for internal and external parasites and are inoculated against the most common diseases.
  • The Good Shepherd is not set-up to be an animal rescue. We have strict intake and quarantine protocols in order to protect our animal populations from any new diseases, fungus or virus possibly introduced by new animals. Because of this WE OFTEN HAVE A WAITING LIST TO TAKE ABANDON ANIMALS. Please call the Shelter at 479-253-9188 to inquire about surrendering a lost or abandon animal in your possession. The waiting list usually moves quickly!
  • All adoptive owners must agree to have the animal spayed/neutered. Vouchers are available to help offset those costs.     

(Adoption Application is being BEING UPDATED!)

Adoption Wellness Fees:

 Dogs/Puppies/Small Dogs
 6 Months & older (after 6 month ½ price)
At Shelter 1 year or more
 Surrender Fees:
Dogs – Adult
Litter 2 or more*
Cats - Adult
Litter 2 or more*
*To surrender puppies or kittens the mother must be surrendered with litter. 
 Microchip Implants: 
Return Policy:  The dog/cat can be returned within 48 hrs and receive 1/2 a refund.  

 Spay fees:  Weight Carroll County Low Income
 Cats any weight $40 $27.50
 Dogs 0-25 lbs $50 $35
  26-50 lbs $60 $40
  51-75 lbs $65 $45
  79-100 lbs $70 $50
  over 100 lbs $80 $50
 Neuter fees:
 Carroll County
 Low Income
 Cats any weight $20 $15
 Dogs 0-25 lbs  $50  $30
  26-50 lbs $55  $35 
  51-75 lbs $60  $40
  75-100 lbs $65  $45

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