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The Doggie Thrift Stores need volunteers to commit to a 3 to 3.5 hour shift, one day a week. We have AM shifts and afternoon shifts. We need help in the sorting and pricing area downstairs and upstairs. Some of the coveted cashier spots are also available. We have had to put up signs saying no donations accepted right now due to a lack of volunteers to help sort. We have 12 spots that need to be filled. We have fun working here too! 

Leonidas is one amazing and resilient dog. He came to us three weeks ago after having been hit by a car. He sustained major injuries to his hind legs - a fractured right femur, and a dislocated left leg. It was not a clean break - as you can see by his X-rays he's had major hardware installed to repair these injuries. He's looking at another three months of recovery at best. 

Now that you know about the hardware, let me tell you about the dog. He's amazingly calm. He has never snapped at a handler no matter how much pain he is in. He has a wonderful sweet nature and loves other dogs. He lights up when he goes outside. He's gentle and loves to nuzzle. He's been through so much and he's still a wonderful sweetheart. He looks to he healer and some kind of hunting breed. He's kind of a mix between brindle and blue tick. 

He's being assisted in these photos with a Gingerlead. It allows him to exercise without putting any weight on his damaged legs. He loves it. He would do best if he were in a new home where he can have the focused attention he needs. He will take some time and a lot of love, but he is soooooo worth it. 

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