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Our Pet of the Week is;

    Thomas (F14-0058) Our boy Thomas has several nicknames. "Thomas with the sad eyes" being one, but the most popular is "Tuck, Tuck Thomas"  Thomas absolutely loves to help you make the bed. He needs to be an inside only kitty. He would love to get adopted with his best friend Hades. Both are long term kitties here at the shelter He is neutered & has his shots. He's available for adoption at the Good Shepherd Animal Shelter, Hwy. 62 east of Eureka Springs, open 12-5 every day but Tues. & Wed. Phone 253-9188.


Welcome to The Good Shepherd Humane Society
Of Carroll County Arkansas

Presidents Letter to the Members

Dear Members,

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to all of you and let you know of all the exciting progress the Good Shepherd team (volunteers, employees and Board) has made in 2016.  Like any other organization, we grow, evolve and understand we must always do better.

A few of the highlights for Good Shepherd Humane Society (GSHS) for 2016 include but are definitely not limited to:

  • Developed a program to help our long term dogs (these are dogs that have been with us over 1 year.  Keep in mind that the average stay of an animal at the Shelter is just over 6 weeks).  We have been focused on getting our long term dogs adopted.  Over the summer we hired (for pay) an excellent trainer who holds the credentials of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed.  She worked with 4 of the dogs for over 60 hours over the course of 2 months.  We also hired an animal behavioralist over the summer to work with 2 of these 4 dogs.  Several videos were taken and posted on our Facebook page.  Sadly, despite everyone’s best efforts, these dogs are still with Good Shepherd.  We are investigating several other options to help these dogs.  These include but are not limited to: Out of state adoptions for these terrific dogs and/or finding no kill rescues that can work with our dogs.  Rest assured, that any other shelter / rescue that we work with will be properly vetted by our team, will be “no kill” and meet our care and adoption standards.  We are also increasing and improving our social media presence to raise awareness.  This is a priority for our new Office Administrator.  Our Board fully understands that finding a proper forever home for our animals is a top priority.      
  • Revamped the Board.  Your Board currently consists of 8 volunteers, several of whom are active in the local business community.  We believe that just because Good Shepherd is a nonprofit doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t run it using successful, proven business practices.  This team brings decades’ worth of practical experience and I am proud to serve with them.
  • A new Thrift Store Manager.  Our long time Thrift Store Manager retired earlier this year and Janet Chupp, long term Assistant Manager, was promoted to Thrift Store Manager.  However, we did not fill the Assistant Manager position.  By not filling the assistant manager role, this allowed us to reduce our overhead and direct more of the revenue generated by the stores to the care and feeding of the approximately 75 animals that are in our charge at any one time.
  • Meet/Exceed Budget.  Our budget for 2016 calls for Good Shepherd to run a ($10,000) loss.  Although the year is not over yet, we believe we have a strong opportunity to break even!  We expect to achieve this through the combination of expense controls and strong fundraising efforts.
  • Kicked off the Board Challenge – the Board of Good Shepherd has put up $4,000 of their own money as a donation match for the month of December!  Any donation designated for the Board Challenge will be matched dollar for dollar up to $4,000 by the Board.
  • 2 for 1 toy drive.  Board member Todd Allen and his wife Debbie, owners of Blackies Backyard store in Eureka, ran a 2 for 1 toy drive for the shelter and along with the generosity of the local community collected over $2,600 worth of toys for our doggies and kitties for Christmas!
  • Secured two grants.  Good Shepherd has been awarded two grants totaling $21,887.  The first grant for $5,000 from the Walton Family Foundation was achieved through the efforts of Allen Huffman of Arvest Bank.  This grant will provide flea and tick prevention for a year!  The second grant for $16,887 was awarded by the Northwest Arkansas Economic Development District.  These funds will be use to finish out our Meet & Greet building.  I want to thank Board member Jeff Burdsall for all of his hard work as he did much of the labor himself.  This will allow Good Shepherd to come in under budget and to use any savings strictly for improving the shelter, with prior approval from the grant provider.  We will make an announcement once the building is complete.  Please plan on coming out to see the new building.
  • Financial controls.  In order to gain better control of our expenses, we implemented a Purchase Order (PO) process.  Our members need to know that every check that Good Shepherd issues through our accounting firm Stone Financial is reviewed by a Board member with a proper receipt and justification of the expense included in the PO. 
  • 3 successful fundraising events.  The VW event, the Holiday Extravaganza and of course the Doggie Style Show!
  • 3 successful rabies clinics.
  • An updated “epic” website.  We have engaged with a fantastic web designer who is going to totally revamp our website for free!  A modern website will do great things to present a more professional organization to our adopters and supporters, especially since our adoption effort is moving to a nationwide footprint.  This is thousands of dollars worth of pro bono work!  Thank you Todd Allen for sourcing this!     
  • Improvements at our two thrift stores.  I hope that every member has had an opportunity to see the improvements made at both of our thrift stores.  Janet and her team of volunteers have done a terrific job of improving each store’s appearance and will continue to make improvements going forward.
  • Year round Christmas store.  The Berryville store will have a year round “Christmas Store within a Store” concept.  There was a year round Christmas store in Pine Mountain Village in Eureka, but that store is now a Harley Davidson dealership.  We believe we can capitalize on this opportunity by providing the community with a year round Christmas Store concept.  In October, total thrift store sales in Berryville were at their highest level of the year, due in part to the Christmas store!
  • Proposed new outdoor kennels.  A supporter of Good Shepherd is currently drawing up plans to design, build and replace all of our outside kennels – again as a donation!  This will not only provide a better environment for our dogs but also improve the appearance of the shelter.  I will keep you posted as this project moves forward.
  • Corporate Sponsors.  We are also reaching out to corporate sponsors in Carroll County for support.  This is a new initiative for us and so far we have had positive results.  More news as this unfolds.

Our focus will first and foremost be on the animals under our care at the Shelter.  Sandra Mittler and her team continue to provide the highest quality of care 7 days a week, 365 days a year (no days off for the Shelter staff!).  They also work hard toward finding the perfect forever home for the hundreds of dogs and cats that pass through the Shelter’s doors each year. 

As a reminder, receives no tax dollars.  In order to continue to provide this high level of care and to find forever homes for these hundreds of animals, we rely heavily on the generosity of our many volunteers and the financial support of our members and the Carroll County community. 

It is not often that a person gets a chance to do important things and volunteering is a great way to do something meaningful with your time.  The Good Shepherd is always looking for responsible volunteers for shelter and both thrift stores.  If you have an affinity for working with animals or you are an energetic people person with a positive and friendly personality, the Good Shepherd needs you now!  If interested in volunteering at the shelter please call Gina at (479) 253-9188, for the thrift stores please call Janet at (479) 244-7156.

Thank you so much for your continued membership support,




Jay D. Fusaro, President

Good Shepherd Humane Society, Inc.       

We need new kennels!

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